Repairs & Rebuilds

Repairs & Rebuilds

Rebuilding hydraulic breaking hammers is our sole focus.

We have a track record of thousands of successful hammer rebuilds, and many of our customers return to us time and time again because of the quality of our work and the lifespan they get from hydraulic breakers rebuilt by Fel-tech. We have a highly skilled shop team with the depth of experience to rebuild any brand of hammer. 

Because of our specialization and skill in completing high-quality, long-lasting hydraulic hammer rebuilds, several equipment manufacturers’ dealers (we can’t say who) outsource their hammer rebuild needs to us.

We are located in Worcester, MA, but serve the entire US and beyond. New and returning customers frequently ship us their hammers from New England, New York, New Jersey, and as far away as Louisiana, Arizona, Minnesota, and beyond for rebuilds because they trust us to do the job right at a great value.

Fel-tech maintains a larger inventory of in-stock repair parts than anyone else. In most cases, we will have the parts in-stock to complete your rebuild. This means no waiting around for parts to arrive, and means you can get your hammer back to work more quickly.

Customers often ask: “Should I bother to rebuild this hammer, or just buy a new one?” In most cases it makes sense to rebuild. Although the rebuild process can be costly, it is typically a fraction of the cost of purchasing a new hammer. If the rebuild is done properly, there’s no reason to believe the service-life of the rebuild will be meaningfully shorter than that of a new hammer. That said, there are certain types of damage that are not cost-effective to repair. In any case, we help our customers work through their various options and determine their best course of action.