The Importance of Grease for Hydraulic Breakers
The Importance of Grease for Hydraulic Breakers

The Importance of Grease for Hydraulic Breakers

One of the most necessary and simple maintenance points in any hydraulic breaker is proper lubrication of the tool bushings. The importance of grease for hydraulic breakers is that it is the main element to reduce friction and wear of the tool bit and bushings during use as well as to maintain a lubricated system during storage. Grease must be applied frequently during use to keep up with the workload and using the correct grease can make or break the machinery. Most manufacturers recommend adding 10 or so pumps of grease every hour or two of use.

Grease prevents wear during use

The tool bit is the main moving part of the hydraulic breaker, this is the piece that does the actual breaking. Constant cycling up and down causes friction and without the proper lubrication this can cause wear. Unnecessary wear while the hammer is running can reduce the effectiveness of the breaker itself, shorten the lifespan of the tool and bushings, and cause expensive internal damage including piston fracture.

Using the correct grease at the proper maintenance frequency reduces the friction, and in turn reduces the wear frequent use can cause. Grease is one of the main maintenance components to getting the most out of the hydraulic breaker, both in terms of its performance and its lifetime.

Frequent greasing is necessary

In order to prevent friction and wear during use, grease needs to be applied every 2 hours during the job. This ensures this system is operating smoothly. Grease should also be applied both before and after prolonged storage, as it helps to keep the system from getting too dry, sticky, or seizing up when taken out of storage. 

Grease can be applied to a hydraulic breaker in two ways: manually or with an automatic lubrication system. Some models have a built-in automatic lubrication system which helps add the proper amount of grease as needed. Fel-Tech offers several automatic lubrication solutions that can be added to any make or model of hydraulic hammer.

Manual greasing steps:

1: press the tool up inside the breaker

2: place the hydraulic breaker in an upright position

3: keep pressure to keep the tool inside the breaker housing

4: Apply grease until clean grease oozes out around the tool and the retainer pins

5: Repeat process every 2 hours or if the tool appears shiny where it meets the front head

Choosing the correct grease

Grease products are chosen depending on their application, there is no all-purpose grease, especially when it comes to hydraulic breakers. Hydraulic breaker grease is different from chassis grease because of the pressure and loading of the tool bit.

The grease used with hydraulic breakers must function at high speeds and high loads in a dirty environment, just like the machine functions at breaking on site. Chassis grease is designed for slower speeds and lower, smoother angles, which is detrimental to the function of a hydraulic breaker.

Grease is one of the most important pieces of any hydraulic breaker. Using the correct grease for the system each project will run smoothly. Along with frequent application and maintenance, the hydraulic breaker will have a longer lifespan and will operate on a higher level to deliver the results each project requires. Fel-Tech is a great option for hydraulic breaker grease, offering a grease specially formulated for use in hydraulic hammers. Fel-Tech hammer grease is available in both tubes and pails to fulfill each hammer’s greasing needs.

Please contact Fel-Tech for any of your hydraulic breaker or hammer maintenance, repair or rebuild needs.