Hydraulic Breakers: Versatility is the Key
Hydraulic Breakers: Versatility is the Key

Hydraulic Breakers: Versatility is the Key

Like any piece of equipment, the more versatile it is the better. Similar to other equipment such as cranes, backhoes, and forklifts, hydraulic breakers provide extra value since they can be used in multiple ways in combination with their primary purpose.

Hydraulic breakers are one of the most versatile and adaptable pieces of equipment on construction sites. For specific jobs, buckets, augurs, compactors, rakes, rippers, and grapples can be attached to get the work done quicker and easier.

Work sites almost always present obstacles that prevent normal excavation. Used in mining, quarries, excavation, and demolition, hydraulic hammers are used to break down all kinds of materials like rock and concrete. They offer a more targeted and controlled process than other strategies like blasting for removing obstacles or breaking through thick layers of rock.

Hydraulic breakers are driven by a hydraulic piston that exerts pressure on the head of the attachment to provide a powerful and consistent thrust into the obstruction. Hydraulic hammers are fantastic for tight spaces and continuous production while also being much quieter and creating less vibration than blasting.

Even highly versatile and powerful tools, like hydraulic hammers, always require handling with care and safety in mind. For safety, using experienced operators and spotters reduce injuries or unwanted fissures during operation. For care and maintenance, operators need to understand how the machine works to extend the lifespan of the hydraulic breaker.

Blank firing is one prime example of how the experience of the operator and proper maintenance of hydraulic breakers pay off. Blank firing is when there is no object or material to accept the force of the breaker. The more blank fires, the more stress and wear on the hammer. By anticipating when the obstacle will break, an experienced operator can stop the breaker just before the intended piece falls away.

Naturally, the versatility of hydraulic breakers is only useful if they are working properly. Inspections before and after each use help ensure better operation and longer life. Worn or damaged components should be replaced and a sufficient supply of grease available for the operator to use.

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