Benefits of Quality Tool Bits for Hydraulic Hammers
Benefits of Quality Tool Bits for Hydraulic Hammers

Benefits of Quality Tool Bits for Hydraulic Hammers

A hydraulic hammer is a multi-purpose machine used to break up concrete, rocks, stones, ledge, and other materials. This machine uses a piston and cylinder mechanism, which facilitates the process.

As such, it is necessary to use high-quality tool bits to operate a hydraulic hammer because this ensures longer tool life, less breakage, optimal performance, better value over the long run, and less difficulty in accomplishing your job. Conversely, using poorly manufactured bits risks damaging either the bits themselves or the head unit.

Tips for Finding Quality Tool Bits  

When considering quality, the most crucial element is the quality of the steel alloy and the quality of the heat treating. Inferior alloying or heat treatment will result in a tool that wears down too quickly and is not durable.  

Another important consideration is manufacturing tolerance. One should ensure that the tool bit fits their hammer correctly; this provides smoother operation and less wear on the power unit. On the other hand, bits with sloppy manufacturing tolerances either won’t fit correctly or will allow vibration problems, shortening the life of the tool bit life and other components in the hammer.

Importance of Using Good-Quality Tool Bits

Some operators tend to run the tool bit (unless it breaks first) until it becomes very short. We recommend replacement of short tool bits as they can increase the heat transfer into your hydraulic hammer. Excessive heat build-up in the hammer can cause premature wear or failure of the hydraulic seals in the hammer.

Even the best tool bits wear out. Cheap ones wear out or break more quickly, resulting in poor-quality results and requiring you to replace them more often. Depending on the tool bit for the hydraulic hammer, the cost of constant replacement can be prohibitive. As with any product, you get what you pay for. Tool bits should only be worn down by about half of the length that originally protruded from the bottom of the hammer

The Benefits of Using Good-Quality Tools

When you use a good quality tool bit, it will be hard 4140 steel. This material can withstand the wear and tear of working longer, fit your hammer better and lead to improved production on the job site.

When the tool bit fails, it will not harm the hammer. Another benefit of using good quality tools is that they are more durable.

Using good quality tools will also enhance the life of your hydraulic hammer because they will be made to fit your specific hammer. Because if it doesn’t, the hydraulic hammer will produce vibrations and cause stress on the engine.

In the long run, investing in high quality tools will pay off in time and money. 


Tool bit quality is too often overlooked or ignored in the performance of a hydraulic breaker. If good quality tool bits are used, they can prevent hours of maintenance and lost production. Contact Fel-Tech for quality tool bits or to repair or rebuild hydraulic hammers.